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They sure seem like odd friends but if you watch the video and look at the photos this black labrador retriever and elephant look like the best of friends. Both would have a natural love for the water and that would be a big point in their friendship. We came across these photos when we […]

Remember the elephant in Annie? In the Little House on the Prairie shows? Tarra has left her acting days behind her for the solitude of The Elephant Originally posted here:

The elephant is Thailand’s national symbol, but the country has gone panda-crazy since the birth of a female panda cub at Chiang Mai zoo in Bangkok, where a showhouse is being built. Thai elephants painted to look like pandas to get their fans back! Excerpt from:Will this stop the pandamonium?

Our redneck playground designer must have skipped school the day his professor discussed appropriateness of theme, because something is wrong when your kids return home from the playground crying and telling you the other kids teased them and called them Read more from the original source: Redneck Playground or Your Kid is Elephant Poopy

Dog and Elephant are BFF’s

January 16th, 2009

This was shot at the elephant sanctuary in Tennessee. There are plenty of dogs, and plenty of elephants, but these two chose each other. More here: