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Dogs and their Non- Dog Friends

February 19th, 2017

Does your dog have any non-dog friends? It’s always cute to see a dog and cat getting on together as friends. Building off the elephant post below we thought we would share a few random dog and buddy photos. See the original post here: Dogs and their Non- Dog Friends

They sure seem like odd friends but if you watch the video and look at the photos this black labrador retriever and elephant look like the best of friends. Both would have a natural love for the water and that would be a big point in their friendship. We came across these photos when we […]

Here’s an unlikely combination. Amani, a black Labrador retriever and Winspear, a cheetah are best friends. They celebrated their first birthday party together recently at the Dallas Zoo. The zoo threw them a bash complete with a big pop-cycle made of milk and broth and a couple of water troughs for good measure. // View post:Labrador […]

Pack is a social network for people who love their dogs, designed for capturing and sharing the everyday moments in your dog’s life — and that means gorgeous dog photos, lots of them. The site doesn’t have a full-fledged app yet, but it does have Snack, a bite-size app that delivers a fresh batch of […]

Amber and Patrick Sanders have been fighting for 16 months to save their yellow Labrador, Phineas, from being euthanized. Mayor Gary Brown of Salem, Missouri, declared Phineas to be “vicious” after the dog was accused of biting 7-year-old Kendall Woolman in June 2012 while she was visiting for a play date. On Thursday, Oct. 17, […]